Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

We are appealing primarily to our American, Canadian, European, and Israeli colleagues working in area of information-analytical provision of business, scientific and educational processes.
We are the Ukrainian firm, which was during the past nine years successfully carrying out the whole complex of works: from preparation of scientific and academic works on humanities and economic disciplines to search, systematization and analytical processing of information necessary for effective political activities and optimal running of business.
The main directions of our operation are:
  1. Execution of scientific and educational papers on arts and social sciences (law, political science, foreign relations, sociology, history, journalism, linguistics, psychology etc.), economics (marketing, management, finance, accounting etc.). Besides, the work fulfillment includes the full complex of services: from bibliography on the topic of interest and development of a work plan (thesis) to its complete registration taking into account a customer's requirements and wishes.
  2. Search (collecting), processing, systematization and analysis of statistical, regulative-legal, and sociological information reflecting the processes taking place in various spheres of the Ukrainian society functioning - politics, jurisprudence, economy, culture etc.). It is the question of the information obtained from both open (free of charge) and closed (paid) sources systematization, conducting our own marketing or sociological research including content-analysis and focus groups, monitoring of mass media according to different groups of problems.
Thus, if your activity is in any way crossed with ours, and if you feel a need in a 'Ukrainian' problem field, — we can be useful to each other!
Yours faithfully,
H. Kapnik and his associates